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RT Book Reviews review of Time Salvager

RT Book Reviews, another big publishing magazine, has made Time Salvager a Top Pick!

Here’s a little snippet: From its early pages, Time Salvager establishes itself as an utterly captivating time-travel adventure.

You can read the full review here!

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Publishers Weekly stars Time Salvager!

You guys!

Publishers Weekly, one of the main trade news magazines for publishing and bookselling, has given Time Salvager a starred review! They said some awfully things that made me feel a little squiggly inside, kind of like when I watch every single damn dog video on the Internet. For some reason, I always seemed […]

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The Lives of Tao ebook is on sale!

For a limited time, The Lives of Tao is on sale for only $2.99! Listen folks, there’s no need to fight. There’s enough ebooks for everyone, and it comes in any platform or color you choose.




And I just found out The Deaths of Tao is on sale on Amazon UK!

Also, to […]

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The Chustore is now open!

By popular demand…

Ok, by lukewarm demand…

Fine, a couple of you (I told you, dad, I can just give them to you for free) have asked to buy signed copies of my books so I decided to open a little store. In it, you can purchase signed copies of the entire Tao trilogy as well as […]

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Huffington Post Review!

Huffington Post is my #2 news go-to site. The first, of course, is The Daily Show. So obviously, I’m pretty chuffed that The Lives of Tao received a review on their Books site.

You can read it HERE!


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