Publishers Weekly stars Time Salvager!

You guys!

Publishers Weekly, one of the main trade news magazines for publishing and bookselling, has given Time Salvager a starred review! They said some awfully things that made me feel a little squiggly inside, kind of like when I watch every single damn dog video on the Internet. For some reason, I always seemed to be chopping onions.

Damn onions.

Anyway, here’s a snippet of the review:

 Time Salvager Tor, $25.99 (384p) ISBN 978-0-7653-7718-0

Chu (The Lives of Tao) creates a fascinating world, strange and familiar, infused with humor, sorrow, courage, greed, and sacrifice. This page-turner is a riveting, gratifying read. (July)

You can read the full review here: Details & Permalink

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