The Chustore is now open!

By popular demand…

Ok, by lukewarm demand…

Fine, a couple of you (I told you, dad, I can just give them to you for free) have asked to buy signed copies of my books so I decided to open a little store. In it, you can purchase signed copies of the entire Tao trilogy as well as pre-order signed copies of Time Salvager.

Annnnnd that’s about it. For now. Over time, I hope to grow the store with more books and cool stuff but yes, you are currently limited in the ways to give me your money.

For those who ask, I do get a few more pennies per sale here than from bookstores or Amazon or Barnes & Nobles etc… However, it’s not that much more that you should go out of your way to buy from the Chustore instead of your preferred method of book consumption. Shop however you prefer! Unless you’re pirating it (please don’t pirate my books. I have a dog and furniture addiction to feed).

Before someone inevitably asks, the reason I have to bundle the Tao books together is because selling and mailing one mass market paperback won’t cover the trip to the post office. This store is for fans and those who care to get my ugly Hancock on one of my books.

Who knows? Right now, a retail copy of Time Salvager is currently worth $25.99. If you get it signed, in ten years, it will probably be worth $5.99. However, in the off chance I blow up like John Green (That Green, so hot right now. Green), it might be worth a pretty penny. Or you could be just a fan who wants a signed book, which then you are frigging awesome and I love you with the passion of a thousand suns.

Anyway, check out the chustore and let me know what you think!

This website has been brought to you by the letter L, the number 3, and my Patreon page (get tuckerized yo!).

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