Wesley’s 2015 Events

Hey guys,

Here’s my events schedule for 2015. The book tour for Time Salvager has not been scheduled yet but keep an eye out for it! If I’m going to be in your neck of the woods, please come hang out with me! I never see other humans as it is. Give me a reason to shower. Okay, I said too much.

April 23rd: Dinner with Helen Wecker (because y’all need to know this is happening!)

April 24th – 27th: C2E2

May 20th: Reading at the KGB Bar in NYC (For the love of Cthulhu and cupcakes, please come! )

May 28th – 31st: Phoenix Comic Con

June 4th – 7th: Nebula Awards (Tentative)

July 2nd – 5th: Convergence (GoH)

July-ish: Time Salvager book tour. Dates TBD

July 9th – 12th: San Diego Comic-Con

July 29th – Aug 2nd: Gencon

Aug 19th – Aug 23rd: Worldcon

Nov 5th – Nov 8th: World Fantasy

This blog post has been brought to you by the letter C (for calendar), my ONE New Year’s resolution, Twinkies, and Lipitor. And my Patreon page.

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