Time Siege & Hunter Chu are out!

A book release is always a big deal for an author. We don’t get a lot of them in our lifetime. Okay, I’ve had a few more than the average bear but whatevers. Release day is still a damn special day, and usually is considered one of the most important of the year. So it’s a weird thing when I have a major book release yet is only the second most important thing that happened to me this week.

Hello, world. Meet Hunter Chu.

Not gonna lie; I’m very ill prepared for today’s release. After four days of not sleeping, this post is a little slapdash but Time Siege is a great book and can speak for itself. Time Siege is definitely a level-up book for me.  I love this book and think you will as well. You can learn more about Time Siege here!

You can buy Time Siege at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Kobo, Books-A-Million!Amazon UK, Indiebound, or at any of your favorite bookstores.

Wanna see what I look like after three days of not sleeping?

By the way, I Am Not A Serial Killer is a new movie adapted from my buddy Dan Wells. Check it out!

It’s also the release day for my buddy Chuck Wendig too! Go check out Star Wars: Life Debt!

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