The Lives of Tao ebook is on sale!

For a limited time, The Lives of Tao is on sale for only $2.99! Listen folks, there’s no need to fight. There’s enough ebooks for everyone, and it comes in any platform or color you choose.




And I just found out The Deaths of Tao is on sale on Amazon UK!

Also, to […]

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The Chustore is now open!

By popular demand…

Ok, by lukewarm demand…

Fine, a couple of you (I told you, dad, I can just give them to you for free) have asked to buy signed copies of my books so I decided to open a little store. In it, you can purchase signed copies of the entire Tao trilogy as well as […]

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US release of The Rebirths of Tao!

You guys!

Today is the US release of The Rebirths of Tao, the final installment of my Tao trilogy! Sniff. I’m really going to miss Roen and his family. Roen and Tao have been with me for the better part of ten years. I spent last night reading the epilogue and saying goodbye. Man, I hope […]

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How this year’s Hugo drama has affected my Worldcon

Hey folks,

I’m sure we’re all by now familiar with the latest Hugo drama. This one is a little bigger than the usual kerfluffle, a full blown explosion 9000! Just to recap for those hiding in caves or have better things to do (which should be all of us), for the past three years, a group […]

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New site and new news!

Hey everyone,

My website’s been on a little hiatus, and now you know why. I’ve been busy working (okay I hired someone) to update and give it a nice fresh coat of http. It’s still a work in progress but stay tuned for some exciting things. Starting this year, is going to have:

1. An e-store […]

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Clarkesworld article: Free Advice from a Full-Time Author. Worth Every Penny Paid

You guys, my first paid article is up! The fine folks at Clarkesworld have somehow seen fit to throw money at me to write in their Another World column. You can read it here!

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Do you like me? Like, like-like me?

Hey guys,

Seems Amazon has added an author like button. I don’t suppose you guys care to press it? It’s all right if you don’t. I love you all anyway.







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Shalom! Eyfo haambatya?

You guys, The Lives of Tao is being released in Hebrew by Nova Publishing! It’s a new imprint and Lives will be their lead-out title.

Keep an out for it in 2015!

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The Lives of Tao is officially bilingual (soon to be trilingual). =p

My German fans (anyone? anyone?), you can pick up a copy here and other fine establishments where joy and awesome is sold.



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Time Salvager Cover Reveal!

You guys! The Mighty has the cover reveal for my upcoming novel, Time Salvager, due out July 7th, 2015. My publisher, Tor, commissioned one of my favorite cover artists, the kick-ass Mr. Richard Anderson. You can read the full article here! Without further adieu, here it is! Ain’t. It. Frigging. Cool?!

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