Spent a lovely weekend with our friends Laura and Eric down at Indianapolis for the Indy 500. Not usually a big racing fan, but this was some exciting shit as 300k people! (300!!) congregated to watch these indy cars that get 4 miles to the gallon drive around in a big circle. Doesn’t sound that great but it was!  Say what you will about these Midwest folks. Clinging to their guns and bibles aside, they were some mighty friendly folks. My hats off to that midwestern hospitality.

Something like 40 lead changes and five crashes right in front of us at turn 1. I wanted the little scrappy Japanese driver Sato to win, and he almost pulled it off! He ended up crashing at lap 499 (out of 500) trying to cut inside for the lead. Ah well, congrats to Mr. Ashley Judd for winning the race.