I know, it’s a little lazy but I’m in hardcore copy editing mode right now so…here goes…. When in Thailand, there are four things one must do. Actually, there’s more but my wife reads this site.

1. Get lots and lots of massages. They don’t…really want you to take pictures in there, of course.
2. Go to a Thai cooking class!

Smiling with a butchers knife…hmmm….something scary here.

3. Go see a Thai kickboxing fight!

Five guys who don't know what they're doing? Check. Blindfolds? Check. Fight!

Five guys who don’t know what they’re doing? Check. Blindfolds? Check. Fight!



Face cracking elbow!

Face cracking elbow!













4. Play with elephants!

Awww....he's ticklish!

Awww….he’s ticklish!








And now…back in Chicago =(

Damn you global cooling!!

Damn you global cooling!!