People have asked me over the years if I have a tip jar. I’ve always hesitated to put one out on my website. Buying and reading and reviewing and spreading the word about my books is tip enough for me.

A twitter follower asked last night if they could give a little something now that Hunter Chu is here in the world sowing chaos through the Chu household.

So here goes. On the bottom of the main page on my website, I’ve set up a Contribute to Hunter Chu’s College Fund tip jar. All the tips go into a separate account and will go toward his Harvard tuition. Or Stanford or Berkeley or University of Idaho or Bob’s Vacuum Repair or the Vampire Academy. Wherever life takes him.

I…prefer he does not become a vampire.

You can contribute to Hunter’s College Fund at the bottom of my main page here!

Thanks folks. You guys rock.
Hunter, Paula, Eva, the TV, and then Wesley.

Look Ma, I finally did something right.

Look Ma, I finally did something right. What do I do with him?!?