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Hey Folks,

Hunter needs some greenbacks to pay for Space Camp so a bunch of cool author dudes and I are throwing a Multi-Author Holiday Book Sale with some pretty steep discounts directly from our websites. Each book will be signed and personalized at your request. If you get the chance, check us out!

For the

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1st chapter of The Rise of Io is up on Tor.com

Hey folks,

The first chapter of The Rise of Io is now on Tor.com. You can check it out here!

For fans of the series, The Days of Tao novella is an optional read but provides a great background for The Rise of Io. You can check that out on Subterranean Press, Amazon, and, for from […]

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The Rise of Io Barnes & Noble Limited Edition Signed Hardcovers

Hey everyone,

I have something really cool to announce. Barnes & Noble is selling limited edition signed hardcovers for The Rise of Io! There will only be five hundred copies printed and signed, and the book will contain bonus content! These will also be the only hardcovers for The Rise of Io in existence.
Go get the […]

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Hunter Chu College Fund

People have asked me over the years if I have a tip jar. I’ve always hesitated to put one out on my website. Buying and reading and reviewing and spreading the word about my books is tip enough for me.

A twitter follower asked last night if they could give a little something now that Hunter Chu […]

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Time Siege & Hunter Chu are out!

A book release is always a big deal for an author. We don’t get a lot of them in our lifetime. Okay, I’ve had a few more than the average bear but whatevers. Release day is still a damn special day, and usually is considered one of the most important of the year. So it’s a weird […]

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I’m collaborating on a new book with Cassandra Clare! Hello, Magnus Bane!

Hello Magnus.

How are you? We’re going to have a splendid time together, and by splendid, I mean sorry.  Not really.


You can read more about it here at Entertainment Weekly!

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Achievement Unlocked!


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The Great Mailing List Giveaway

Hey folks,
I’m launching my mailing list in April. Sign up at the main page to get the latest updates on what’s going […]

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I Have A Mailing List! For Great Justice!


Hey guys,

I finally leveled up and created a mailing list. If you want to keep up with what’s happening with my books, and stay up-to-date with my release and event schedule, please sign up. I promise I’ll only use this mailing list sparingly and only for the powers of good and all things Prophus.

You can join my mailing list […]

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The Days of Tao

Hey folks,

I’ve hit a milestone. It’s always been one of my writing bucket-list items to have something published by Subterranean Press.  They’re widely considered one of the best specialty publishers of SFF & horror, and are known to package beautiful limited edition books that appreciate (it’s like buying a stock!) over time. They’ve published little […]

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