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I’m collaborating on a new book with Cassandra Clare! Hello, Magnus Bane!

Hello Magnus.

How are you? We’re going to have a splendid time together, and by splendid, I mean sorry.  Not really.


You can read more about it here at Entertainment Weekly!

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Achievement Unlocked!


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The Great Mailing List Giveaway

Hey folks,
I’m launching my mailing list in April. Sign up at the main page to get the latest updates on what’s going […]

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I Have A Mailing List! For Great Justice!


Hey guys,

I finally leveled up and created a mailing list. If you want to keep up with what’s happening with my books, and stay up-to-date with my release and event schedule, please sign up. I promise I’ll only use this mailing list sparingly and only for the powers of good and all things Prophus.

You can join my mailing list […]

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The Days of Tao

Hey folks,

I’ve hit a milestone. It’s always been one of my writing bucket-list items to have something published by Subterranean Press.  They’re widely considered one of the best specialty publishers of SFF & horror, and are known to package beautiful limited edition books that appreciate (it’s like buying a stock!) over time. They’ve published little […]

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The Lives of Tao Hebrew editions are a go!

Hot off the press!

Nova Press is the new publishing house created by Mr. Didi Chanoch and The Lives of Tao, along with Max Gladstone’s excellent Three Parts Dead, are the lead titles.

Let’s kick some reader ass!  Uh, I think.

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Big News!

Hey folks,

I got bad news and good news. The bad news is I think my writing schedule will have to slow down big time in the near future.  The good news is I finally have someone for Eva to play with. Now, she can stop being up in my grill all the time. Special shoutout to my beautiful […]

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Confusion Convention & Subterranean Press

Hey folks,

I’ll be in Novi, Michigan (Jan 22-25) this week for Confusion SF. I consider Confusion my home convention and it’s definitely one of my favorites. The guests-of-honor this year are Alaya Dawn Johnson, Kentaro Toyama, Gordon Smith, and Jessica Zerwas.

On top of that, Confusion SF is home to Subterranean Press, a fantastic publisher […]

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Taipei Times

Hey folks,

The good folks at Taipei Times think I’m worth interviewing. We spend a lot of time talking about my torn bathrobe. They think I’m understated. Hahahaha. You can see the entire interview here!

Wesley "Understated" Chu Wesley “Understated” Chu

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BuzzFeed Books!

You guys,

The Rebirths of Tao made BuzzFeed Books The 24 Best Science Fiction Books of 2015!

Uh, WTF is up with that author pic. Of all the hundreds I have on the Internets, they use that one. Ah well, I’ll take it.

You can read the list here.

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