For those of you who know about the whole AR Open Month process, a bunch of us who made it to the editorial phase bonded in a way only geeks could bond. We created our own social group on the Absolute Write forums and called ourself “Anxious Appliances.”

Yes, yes, any geekier and I’d be rolling a 1d20 to calculate the damage on my magic missile (that was a trick question. Everyone knows magic missile is a 1d6 – duh). ¬†Well, that’s Friday night, right after we break down and analyze the entire second season of ¬†Game of Thrones. That Tyrion, so hot right now, Tyrion.

So, today my fellow Anxious Appliance Lee Collins had his big cover reveal for not one, but both of his excellent books. I gotta say, they’re pretty hot. Congrats Lee!

The Dead of Winter

She Returns from War












The Dead of Winter will be out October 30th. You can pre-order your very own copy here!