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Weekend at the Indianapolis 500!

Spent a lovely weekend with our friends Laura and Eric down at Indianapolis for the Indy 500. Not usually a big racing fan, but this was some exciting shit as 300k people! (300!!) congregated to watch these indy cars that get 4 miles to the gallon drive around in a big circle. Doesn’t sound that […]

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The Signing (Non-M. Night Shyamalan version)

It all started with an expensive email. Wait, let me back track. I’m sure the Great Angry Robots Open submission of 2011 is old news now. But in case you don’t follow their every spoken word (like I do), here’s a quick recap. In March 2011, AR had their first open submission ever. Nearly 1000 […]

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Cute Doggy Throw-Down!

I have been challenged by AndreaGS from Absolute Write to see who has a cuter dog. Yes, that’s what people do at my age. We show pictures of our kids to the world. And yes, I think puppies are much cuter than human babies. It’s a fact. Just like asphyxiation can occur if you sleep with […]

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