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Get Published Or Die Trying

So, in the course of human events for an author’s career, there are usually four milestones that they strive for. They are:

1. The first page – Face it, baby steps. Even Stephen King at some point had to sit down, scribble his very first story […]

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Eva Bed and pulling one over Amazon

It’s always a good day when you can outfox corporations. Well, victory is mine as I pulled the wool over the all powerful recently. I was in the market for a new dog bed and ended up choosing a Big Shrimpy environmentally friendly […]

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The Corpse Rat King new book cover!

The group of fellow writers I sat in the editorial phase with during the Angry Robot Books open submission of 2011 (there’s one this year for epic fantasy) has jelled together to form our own little support group we dubbed Anxious Appliances. Well, so far […]

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